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  • Ukmergė, Lithuania

О компании

Norwegian-owned sheet metal processing and manufacturing plant based in an industrial park in Ukmergė, Lithuania.

We are continuously investing in raising production efficiency, into new equipment and advanced control systems, at the same time always looking for new markets.

We are experienced and competent enough to supply customers with top-quality products.
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Программа по производству и продажам

The company employs the following processing technologies that can be offered to customers:

• CNC punching

• CNC bending (bending machines and bending centre)

• Presses (eccentric presses, hydraulic presses with automated feeding)

• Welding (TIG, MIG, spot)

• Powder coating (two automated lines)

• Assembly (mechanical and electrical)

Additionally, we offer engineering, design and prototyping services.
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Информация о компании
Название компании Stansefabrikken
Правовая форма UAB
Тип компании Производитель
Страна Lithuania
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