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О компании

SALDA UAB is the is the European leader in production of ventilation equipment, with 21 years of experience in the field. The company produces a wide range of equipment for ventilation systems. It started from dealing in imported products and eventually became the pioneer of manufacturing state-of-the-art ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems in Lithuania. Today, the company successfully turns labour, capital and resources into goods and services that have a solid edge both on the Lithuanian and foreign markets.

Программа по производству и продажам

Salda offers ventilation equipment to large industrial companies and production facilities, offices, cafes, hotels as well as individual homes.

Коммерческий интерес

“...always fresh air!” is a slogan that supports the concept of our company. It reflects our principal objective of making sure that the products of Salda satisfy the clients’ needs and provide the level of comfort they desire. We have already proved to our clients that fresh air on premises is a necessary precondition if you want to work productively and feel well. Let there be... always fresh air!

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Информация о компании
Название компании Salda
Правовая форма UAB
Тип компании Производитель
Розничный торговец
Сотрудники: Всего 273
Страна Lithuania
Квалификация компании
Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008
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