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  • Rau Streckgitter, GmbH
  • Neulandstrasse 34
  • Sinsheim, Germany

О компании

Rau Streckgitter: a byword for quality for over 50 years Rau Streckgitter can look back on 50 years of expertise in in-house production. Our experience shows in our flexible production processes, which allow even large production runs to be realized within a short time frame. Rau has experience in expansion of all suitable materials: in addition to sheet steel, aluminium and stainless steel, we also process brass, copper, silver and even gold. For the various types of surface finish, you can choose from a diverse range of procedures such as anodizing (electric oxidation of aluminium), powder coating, hot-dip galvanizing and zinc- electroplating. For powder coating, we offer not only the full palette of RAL colours, but other special colours as well. We are certified in accordance with EN ISO

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Информация о компании
Название компании Rau Streckgitter
Правовая форма GmbH
Тип компании Производитель
Страна Germany
Квалификация компании
Quality Management System ISO 9001
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