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О компании

Progresas, AB produce welded / assembled production made from carbon sheet and tube steel.

Our main work consist of carbon steel preparation and finishing processes such as metal cutting, bending, carbon steel plate rolling up to 16 mm, MIG/MAG and flux welding, blasting and wet dyeing. We specialize in sheet metal processing from 2 to 35 mm thickness. We do not specialize in massive production where is necessary CNC turning, CNC milling, though we have turning and milling machinery. We make small amounts of stainless steel constructions for the prime customers, also.

Progresas AB produce:

1. metal constructions for machinery, agricultural and building industry, industrial heating boilers,
containers etc.

2. cylinder metal constructions 1 – 16 mm sheet thick, up to 6000 mm width., up to 20 tons weight.
e.g. horizontal cylinder tanks according to EN 12285 according to the certificate for oil up to 100 m3.

Production is temporally canceled by stamping metal fastening and furniture fitting items, radiators on
presses in pressure range 40 – 800 tons.

Progresas AB founded 1965 year, situated in Kedainiai, close to VIA BALTICA road, has 6 ha land with industrial workshop of 15000 sqm., cranes 3 tons x 2 or 5 tons x2 (total 10 tons) inside workshop, railway connection inside territory with 10 tons x2 (total 20 tons) crane (un)loading from /to wagon, in order to receive cheaper steel.

The distance to Klaipeda or Riga sea port is the same 200 km, so transportation until harbor by 20 tons truck costs ca 200 EUR.Around 60 people are employed in production, but can easily grow up to 110.

Программа по производству и продажам

We produce underground and ground one- and two-sided tanks of different capacity (5 to 50 m3). They may be used in gas station construction and reconstruction and for storage of other oil products. All of our tanks conform to the European quality standards.

The company manufactures quality metal constructions of varying complexity and offers different metal processing services: metal preparation, turning, milling, polishing, cutting, sandblasting, priming, painting and a variety of repair works. The company’s specialists and certified welders guarantee impeccable quality.

Коммерческий интерес

We are interested in different type of cooperation. We could work as subcontractors for supplying welded-assembled parts. We have huge manufacturing and storing area. Contact us with your proposals and business ideas.

Оборудование Вверх

Sawing machines (3)

⌀max=500mm, Bmax=420mm, Hmax=600mm

Milling machines

Horizontal table 1250x320mm
Vertical table 1600x400mm

Welding machines (9)

MIG/MAG, TIG, FLUX, by ESAB & Kemppy, OTC welding Robot

Bending Press

Max capasity 160t, tmax=16 L=5050mm

Roll mills (3)

t=10-16mm, Lmax=2000-3000mm

Turning Lathes (4)

diameter 400-1000mm, L=1400-2800mm