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  • Mindelheimer Straße 22
  • Pfaffenhausen, Germany

О компании

Franz Müller GmbH is a medium-sized company specialised in the sheet metal working and in the planning and construction of special plants for the cheese and dairy industry. Founded in 1969, Franz Müller GmbH today is working with a team of 50 employees in modern production facilities spread over a production area of 5,000 m2. Since it’s establishment the superior quality is the company’s main objective. Our hygienic design meets the highest standards in the food industry. Our goal is to satisfy our customers in the long term by highly flexible methods of working and thinking.

Программа по производству и продажам

Franz Müller GmbH is well-known in the cheese industry thanks to the high degree of technical capability, a number of patents and flexible, user-orientated plant engineering. With sophisticated finishing techniques we process predominantly stainless steel (1,4301 to 1,4571) and mild steel as well as aluminum in chipless forming. Development We manufacture according to own developments as well as tailored individually to the customer\\\'s suggestions and drawings. Our design department is equipped with the latest CAD-systems. The close cooperation between the production, development, construction and electrical engineer department ensures fast and pratical solutions. Fabrication of controlling systems Our own electrical/electro-technology department develops and designs suitable controlling systems for complete plants. Sheet metal working: Our manufacturing department is equipped with the latest CNC machines Punching on CNC-punching machines Laser cutting with the latest technology Bending on CNC-press brakes Welding with the latest welding technology MIG-MAG and WIG, on semi-automats and manually as well as robots

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Bystronic Laser Cutting System Type Bystar 3015 with 4400 W C02 Laser

Working range: x = 3000 mm, y = 1500 mm, z = 170 mm Cutting power: • Steel up to 25 mm • Stainless steel up to 20 mm • Aluminium up to 8 mm Technical Data: • Bystronic Bystar 3015, alternating table system • Bylaser 4400, Laser-nominal power 4400 W • Control Bystronic 8103 • Year of construction 2007


CNC-press brakes with a bending length up to 4 m and a press force up to 320 tons. The integrated angle measurement system PR-Plus ensures an angle measurement and correction during the working cycle. Thus different material properties are autonomously corrected by the system. Technical Data: Press force: 100 tons up to 320 tons Bending length: up to 4100 mm


Technical Data: * Vipros 357 * Working range 1250 mm * Steel sheet up to 5 mm * Stainless steel sheet up to 3 mm * Aluminium up to 6 mm

Robotic Welding

Technical Data: Welding robots: max working range up to 1200 x 800 mm

Welding permissions

DIN EN 287-1 135 P BW 1.1 S t3 PA ss nb DIN EN 287-1 135 P BW 8 S t2 PA ss nb DIN EN 287-1 135 P BW 8 S t3 PA ss nb DIN EN 287-1 141 T BW 1.1 S t2 D48 PF ss nb DIN EN 287-1 141 T BW 8 S t2 D50 PC ss nb DIN EN 287-1 141 T BW 8 S t2 D50 PF ss nb DIN EN ISO 9606-2 131 P BW 22 S t6 PA ss nb DIN EN ISO 9606-2 141 T BW 23 S t3 D40 PF ss nb

Surface treatment

Pickling technique The fine finish of the surface is not only made for clean optics but also for hygienic protection and quality safety. Pickling removes impurities like tinder, oxide films, tarnish, extraneous rust and metallic and organic matters, pressed in the surface by mechanical treatment. Only clean and metallically unsoiled surface can develop the passive layer which protects the stainless steel from corrosion. * Pickling cabinet: 2,0 m x 2,3 m x 5,8 m * Manual spray pickling workplace: 7 m x 3,5 m, height 3 m Blasting technique Blasting allows a very gentle and material appropriate (aluminium and stainless steel) removal of impurities. Impurities are removed and a smooth, directionless and cloud-free surface is accomplished. Ceramic pearl blasting strain-hardens the surface and makes it more resistant to wear. * Shotblast Wheel Machine: working range max. Ø 1500 mm, max. height 3500 mm with magnetic separator blast material: stainless steel balls 0,30 mm * Ceramic blast blower: 3,3 m x 2,8 m x 4,5 m; blast material: ceramic pearls