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We have progressed continually, starting in 1967, from an unmachined parts producer to your partner for complex aluminum pressure die casting components. 1967 – 1971 Our young company was initially established as a manufacturer of sprayers for pressure die casting machines. This quickly led to the need to introduce the process of pressure die casting. 1971 Our present core competence developed from this situation. Start of aluminum pressure die casting production at Massenbachhausen. 1992 Expansion and new alignment of aluminum smelting operations. 1995 Outsourcing of value-added processes of our customers provided the opportunity to further expand the machining area. Movement of our machining operations to new facilities. 1997 Expansion of the machine capacity in the pressure die casting foundry from 900 tons to 1200 tons of clamping force. 1999 Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9002 and auditing according to VDA 6.1,4th edition. Further investments in high quality CNC machining technologies. 2000 Start of the training initiative and construction of a training facility as well as personnel additions in the design and development areas. 2001 Dedication of the new logistics center with integrated administration area. 2002 Doubling of the production area in the machining sector. 2003 Financial investor acquires majority interest. Expansion of the pressure die casting foundry facility. New machine dimension with up to 2500 tons of clamping force. Implementation of quality management according to TS 16949 and environmental management according to DIN EN ISO 14001 2006 The Indian ENDURANCE group takes over the Amann Group 2007 Remodelling of the Amann group. Amann Druckguss GmbH leads the business

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Implemented project management insures that your requirements are fulfilled and implemented starting with the development and design phase. The newest hardware and software systems guarantee optimal data transfer as well as communications and thus accelerate the product production process. Mold filling simulations, various prototype processes and technically qualified advanced quality and process planning support these processes. Our own mold construction guarantees optimal production processes. In the future, our junior personnel, who are trained in-house, will allow us to again provide mold construction for complex, new tools. Using 17 horizontal fully automatic pressure die casting machines with 220 to 2500 tons of clamping force, we produce about 5000 tons of casting annually. Horizontal and vertical CNC machining centers, CNC lathe centers, fully automatic manufacturing and assembly cells and high pressure water jet deburing systems produce complex products with a dimensional accuracy in the range of 0.001 mm.

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Our list of customers includes all of Germany, Europe and the United States and they operate in the following branches. · Automobile · Automobile Suppliers · Commercial Vehicles and Agricultural Machines · Furniture · Medical Technology · Electrical

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