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O firmie

"Ukmerges Stakles" Ltd. was established in 2000 in the base of former Repairs mechanical plant.
The Company introduced the manufacture and restoration of spare parts for bobcats, tractors,excavators,harvesters,graders,etc.
and the manufacture of non-standard parts.

Program produkcji i sprzedaży

We can produce non-standard parts for agricultural or industrial mechanism by given example or drawing.
Our products: cylinder tooth (diameter up to 1050mm), cone tooth-wheels (diameter up to 540mm), cardan shafts, couplings, flexible couplings, spline shafts (up to 2000mm in lenght), sprockets, wide step chains (30mm and more), also conveyors, water tanks and etc..
Executable: turnery, milling, drilling, polishing, welding by electricity and gas, heat treating, cementation, stamping and other metal works.

Zdjęcia reprezentujące firmę do góry

Sprzęt do góry

Doosan Lynx 220 LMC

High speed and high precision turning center.
C-axis milling function.
Max. part length - 510 mm
Max. part diameter - 250 mm

Informacje o firmie
Nazwa firmy Ukmerges Stakles
Forma prawna UAB
Typ przedsiębiorstwa Producent
Pracownicy: Ogółem 35
Kraj Lithuania
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