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  • Pommee, S.A.
  • 3ième Avenue 15
  • Herstal, Belgium

O firmie

We are a company speciallised in industrial boilerwork. We construct apparatus in Strainless Steel, Carbon Steel and aluminium We design your orders, or realize them on the base of your drawings. We construct : Pressure vessels, and storage tanks, Fluid process units on SKID, Welding and machining components, Boilerworks and piping components.

Program produkcji i sprzedaży

Pommee is equipped with recent computer systems needed for the design and for drawings. Pommee works also with the sketches of the clients. The skill of the engineers, the technicians and of the welders, as well as the performance of the equipment enables Pommee to give an answer to the European Directive 97/23/CE concerning pressure vessels.

Sprzęt do góry


The workshop ( 1680m² ) has separate working areas for stainless and carbon steel.

Folding machine 300 T - 4m

Bending-machine 2500 x 8mm

Informacje o firmie
Nazwa firmy Pommee
Forma prawna S.A.
Typ przedsiębiorstwa Producent
Kraj Belgium
Lokal produkcyjny wewnątrz (m kw.) 1680m² m.kw.
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