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  • Orlowski CNC-Zerspanungstechnik, Seibelstr. 26
  • Mettmann, Germany

O firmie

ORLOWSKI CNC-Technology was established in January 2005. We manufacture turned or/and milled parts using computerized numerical controlled (CNC) machines in connection with customers´ orders and drawings. We specialize in production of articles/parts for companies manufacturing power hydraulic elements, hydraulic controls, and valves as well as for companies dealing with production of precision mechanics parts and construction of machines. We have a modern stock of machines (see photographs in Maschinenpark/Stock of Machines on our website) and a wide range of multifunctional tools, fitting- and measurement equipment facilitating prompt and precise realisation of individual orders. Our strong point is knowledge based on oriented education and supported by 30 years of experience in metal turning and milling and, additionally, enriched with modern technology.

Interesy biznesowe

Our priority is QUALITY AND TIMELINESS, which guarantees good cooperation and full satisfaction of our customers. We are open to orders from all European countries. We can undertake both short and long production series. We speak German, Polish and English. We are looking forward to doing business with you.

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Maschinendaten: 10 kW; S 10000; Innenkühlung Verfahrweg: X: 1000 mm ; Y: 550 mm ; Z: 650 mm


Maschinendaten: 7,5 kW; S 10000; Innenkühlung Verfahrweg: X: 650 mm; Y: 550 mm; Z: 650 mm


Maschinendaten: 7,5 kW; S 8000 Verfahrweg: X: 850 mm; Y: 500 mm; Z: 500 mm

AVIA Turn 30M

Drehzentrum 15 kW Drehdurchmesser 300 mm Drehlänge 380 mm Angetriebene Werkzeuge 3,7 kW + C-Achse

Nakamura TW 20

6 gesteuerte Achsen 52 mm Stangendurchlaß 2 Revolver 2 Spindel 175/175 mm X-Achse 240/680 mm Z-Achse 2x12 Werkzeuge 2x6 angetriebene Werkzeuge Kurzstangenlader

Takisawa EX-106

Leistung: 5,5 kW max. Drehdurchmesser 200 mm max. Drehlänge 350 mm Kurzlader bis 42 mm Stangenbearbeitung

Takisawa EX-110

Leistung: 15 kW max. Drehdurchmesser 320 mm max. Drehlänge 700 mm

Mexpol TUB 40

Konventionelle Drehmaschine Leistung: 7,5 kW max. Drehdurchmesser 300 mm max. Drehlänge 1000 mm

Informacje o firmie
Nazwa firmy Orlowski CNC-Zerspanungstechnik
Forma prawna Seibelstr. 26
Typ przedsiębiorstwa Producent
Kraj Germany
Kwalifikacje spółki
Quality Management System 9001:2008
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