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O firmie

UAB Limega has implemented and has successfully certified their production control system in accordance with EN 1090-2 by Building Product Certification Center SPSC. Welded BeamsWhile adopting quality management procedures, new monitoring procedures were implemented to enable the timely detection of irregularities and fix them. Several additional measurement instruments were purchased to assess the work carried out in the specifications referred to in compliance with the requirements. In Limega work is done by certified welders, welding procedures adopted in accordance with EN ISO 15614-1 standard.

Welding bar production in 1000 m2 of floor area. Within this area are set out various metalworking machines and equipment.

Metal rod plasma cutting machine cutting, machining and cutting by sawing • Hidraulic metal scissors. Depending on the production process requirements.

Carried out in rectangular and square metal rod twist and bend according to the desired diameter, if required by the production configuration.

It also provides sheet metal (thickness up to 4 mm in diameter you want), bending and rolling.

Semi-automatic welding of metal products in argon - carbon dioxide mixtures. These facilities shall butt, lap, corner and tee weld joints

Program produkcji i sprzedaży

The company manufactures a wide range of metal products and perform the installation site:
»Steel Doors
»Wicket gate
»Wire mesh fence
»Different designs of metal fencing
»Canopies over doors
»Road bridge columns and railings
»Reinforcement, networks,
»Beams and columns
»Various other metal products

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