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  • Jonalaukio k.
  • Jovava, Lithuania

O firmie

Device, pipes and machine repairs departaments service:
Repair and mounting:

• technological pipelines of any purpose and involution, inner and main thermic pipelines, water-main, sewerage main, gas main;
• steel constructions of different purpose and extent of buildings, structures and technological constructions;
• steam-boilers;
• pressurized utensils;
• different pumps;
• piston compressors and turbo compressors;
• turbines;
• heat carrier nodes;
• repositories for oil products;
• ventilators and ventilating systems;
• industrial and appliance refrigerating equipment;
• port machinery;
• elevating and transportation machinery;
• pipe armature;
• hidromanipulators;
• clean and dye the surfaces of pipelines, utensils, containers, technological machinery, do their lagging.

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Informacje o firmie
Nazwa firmy IREMAS
Forma prawna JSC
Typ przedsiębiorstwa Producent
Pracownicy: Ogółem 680
Kraj Lithuania
Kwalifikacje spółki
Quality Management System ISO 9001
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