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O firmie

A company that can appeal upon an experience that goes back to 1964. It has grown in to the Thermal Spraying technologies in the last 15 years. These techniques varies from Hvof to arc spray and other techniques, for more infomation about these techniques visit the "services" category. When working this long in this environment and undergoing the technologies changes ( TAFA JP5000 for example ) with the years, we can build upon reputations that goes from Sidmar, Forges De Glabeq, Duferco to Victor Buyck and many others. Besides the spraying techniques, bramecon NV can develop, make, place a coating or do after treatments of parts thanks to the extensive machine park. For a more elaborate view of the machine park and pictures of projects check out the category "Gallery".

Program produkcji i sprzedaży

Thermal Spray Technologies Advantages, proces overview of thermal Spray Technologies HP / HVOF Advantages , proces description of High Pressure Oxigen Fuel / High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Rubber Based Rolls The proces how to indure Rubber based Rolls

Interesy biznesowe

If you have any questions regarding our services or materials, don’t hassitate to contact bramecon NV

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Machine park

Verticale Lathe Horizontale Lathe Milling Cylindrical grinding Surface grinding Round polishing

Welding : Thermal Spraying :

MIG / MAG, 480 Amp, 1 x HVOF machine TAFA JP5000 2 devices 2 x wire spraying machines + manipulator 5T 2 x arc-spray machines with fusion + Rol welding platform 30T 1 x robot GMF

Informacje o firmie
Nazwa firmy Bramecon
Forma prawna NV
Typ przedsiębiorstwa Producent
Kraj Belgium
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