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Warunki korzystania z usługi

1. Postanowienia ogólne

These Terms apply to the use of WeldLit Services. All rights to WeldLit services reserved to "WeldLit" located at Svitrigailos 7/16-305, LT-03110 Vilnius, Lithuania (hereinafter referred to as "WeldLit"). The information stored on this website is protected by copyright. You agree to comply with all these provisions of these Terms by using WeldLit Services. If you do not agree with these Terms, please do not use the WeldLit services.

WeldLit reserves the right to change the Terms of Use at any time. Members will be alerted to changes in the terms by email and information will be posted on the website. If you do not agree to the changes of Terms as they may occur, please report it to WeldLit. If you continue to use WeldLit services, it will be understood as your acceptance to occurred changes.

2. Terminy i definicje

These Terms of Use, consists the following terms and definitions:

  • WeldLit: company "WeldLit", which is located at Svitrigailos 7, LT-03223 Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • WeldLit Services: Information about registered members on WeldlLit site.
  • Member: Registered member authorized by WeldLit to use the WeldLit Service.
  • Profile: User personal space in which a member may change the information about representing company. Profile information is visible to visitors.
  • Preferences: all the rules set out in these Terms of Use.

3. Członkostwo

In order to be authorized to use WeldLit Services, you have to become a member through online registration. The registration form data fields are divided into mandatory (marked with an asterisk) and non-binding. To register you must fill in all mandatory data fields. A Member should verify that the information provided is accurate and correct.

Before Member Profile information is made publicly available, WeldLit reviews applicant's Profile information and confirm its suitability. WeldLit reserves the right to reject any Member in its sole discretion and may limit the Member's use of WeldLit Services at any time at its sole discretion if:

  • The applicant's activities shall not comply with the specifics of WeldLit Service.
  • Member fails to comply with the Terms of Use.
  • Members Profile does not comply with moral norms.
  • Member avoids paying for service.
  • Member files a petition of bankruptcy.
  • Other reasons according to WeldLit discretion.

Violations of these conditions WeldLit have the right to terminate the membership at its discretion without refund, unless the member not represented on the specificity of action, in which case the member is entitled to a refund. Member may not sublicense, transfer, sell or assign its right to use the Quel Services. Any attempt to sublicense, transfer, sell or assign this membership right is void. A Member should keep all passwords and user names confidential.

4. Odpowiedzialność za treść profila

Member assumes full responsibility for the accuracy of the Profile content and relevance. Member is responsible for the right to use any additional trademarks, names and images, and verified that it does not infringe any third party rights. Member assumes full responsibility for the damage caused by third parties and shall be subject to compensation. WeldLit is not publisher or author of any news posted by Members, WeldLit is not responsible for the correctness and authenticity of such works. WeldLit reserves the right to adjust the layout of text for better visual appearance.

You agree not to disclose WeldLit or other Member's confidential information or to invade another Member's private space. Use of information published on WeldLit site for commercial gain is strictly prohibited.

5. Ceny i płatności

Rates and charges for WeldLit Service are based on current price lists published on the website. Rates do not include applicable taxes. WeldLit reserves the right to change rates and charges at any time. New rates take effect from their date of publication on the site. Discounts are given on an individual basis. Discounts are one-off and after the time limit is not extended, unless specified otherwise.

Profiles information will be published in the advance payment of subscription fee. Deferment of payment or incomplete payment can only be WeldLit consent and only after signing the contract. If Member disagrees with the invoiced amount, Member will give WeldLit written notice of the disagreement within a period of 14 days after the invoice date.

Payment is done through the Internet or by payment of an invoice that you can be printed during the payment process. Membership is calculated from the date of payment or otherwise to request the suspension up to 30 days, then the Profile information will be published on agreed date and membership will be calculated from that date for one year.

Membership is granted for one year from activation date, unless terminated in accordance with the above provisions. Membership is not automatically renewed. At the end of the period form data notice shall be suspended until the member pays for next year. If paid before the end of membership, membership is extended from the old membership expiry date of one year. If paid after the end of accession, the new membership will effect from the date of payment for one year. Withdrawal can be done by reported WeldLit in writing. In that case payment is not refunded.

6. Zobowiązania WeldLit

WeldLit submits that Member Profile and contained information is freely available and does not assume any liability for the use or misuse of such information. Using WeldLit services is at your own risk. It is strictly forbidden to use Members Profile for collecting data and contact information of registered users and use it for promotional purposes.

WeldLit will endeavor to ensure the continued maintenance of the webpage, but WeldLit reserves the right to stay on the operation due to unexpected failures or for maintenance.

For convenience, WeldLit provides many links to other websites which are not within the WeldLit control. WeldLit is not responsible for the content of such sites quality, comfort, functionality and legitimacy.

7. Rezygnacja

WeldLit expressly disclaims any responsibility for Members or their represented companies when contained in the reliability, fitness for a particular purpose and makes no guarantees. WeldLit will not be liable for any goods or services quality, incidental, exemplary or indirect damages resulting from the use or inability to use WeldLit services received during the use of WeldLit Service. All the risks arising from the use of WeldLit Service remains for you. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless WeldLit, its affiliates, directors, employees, consultants, agents, suppliers and distributors from and against any and all third party claims, liability, damages and / or costs arising from your use of the WeldLit Services.

8. Różne

The website has been optimized for "Mozilla Firefox" and "Microsoft Internet Explorer". The use of other browsers may affect the display and the functionality of the website. WeldLit will not accept any responsibility for it.

The Member is responsible for all expenses incurred by Members to connect to the WeldLit Services including all Internet Access charges and telephone charges for connecting to WeldLit Service.

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