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Apie Įmonę

The company was established in 1960 in Utena as „Utenos laboratoriniu krosniu gamykla“ where laboratory electric furnaces, desiccators and electric hand dryers were produced.
After its reconstruction in 1987 the company began to produce accumulation heating systems, bread ripen and baking furnaces, light equipment for agriculture in a newly equiped and reconstructed 20 000 square metres area of production place.
JSC „Utenos krosnys“ was founded in 1994 after privatizating a government owned company „Utenos laboratoriniu krosniu gamykla“ according to laws of the Republic of Lithuania and regulations passed by the government.
Since the year 1997 the production of sheet metal and light equipment for agriculture and construction business sectors have been developed.
The production has been exported to Sweden, Denmark, Liechtenstein.
The company‘s equipment and area of production place ensure a steady rhythm of work from the projection of manufacture to the release the goods. There are perfect conditions for producing products with massive overall dimensions.
The company is always looking for business partners both in Lithuania and foreign countries.

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Our main purpose is to produce and supply our customers with high quality products and services.

Įmonę pristatančios nuotraukos į viršų

Įranga į viršų

Metal sheet cutting up to 6.3 mm thickness, length of table L = 3100 mm. Metal sheet cutting up to 12 mm thickness, length of table L = 2000 mm. Plasma cutter 1500 x 1000 x 50mm. Bending of metal sheet up to 6 mm thickness L = 3600 mm.

Cutting of the round steel up to Ø 290 mm. Bending of thick-walled tubes up to Ø 80 x 8 mm with special tube bending equipment.

Turning works with universal turning machine up to Ø 1000 mm L = 2000 mm. Milling with man operated lathe machine up to L = 3000 x 1000 x 700 mm.

Fixing of coordinates and treatment of holes with vertical Coordinate grinding machine, accuracy 0.01 mm.

Metalwork with programmable milling machine up to L = 1200 x 300 x 300 mm. Stamping of components with mechanical presses max power 160 tons.

Flat surface grinding up to L = 2000x630 mm. Round grinding up to Ø 280x700 mm. Inner surface grinding up to Ø 100x125 mm. Grinding of components with Coordinate grinding machine, with Profile grinding machine and with Electroerozian machine.

Max thickness of rolled metal sheet - 10 mm, max width of rolling – 2000 mm.

Welding jobs (semi - automatic, electrode welding, arc welding).

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