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  • Profilsystem S.r.l., S.r.l.
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  • Asola, Italy

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Profilsystem produces Cold Formed Steel Profiles based and designed on the customers' projects and shape and also particular applications like perforations and marking.

Specialists in cold forming thanks to a twenty-year experience, extremely tight dimensional tolerances and immediate answers, assistance and expertise make Profilsystem company at a high level.

Produce from simple profiles "Corner", "U", "C" and "Omega" until you get to special profiles on request and extremely complex designed by the customer.

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The PROFILSYSTEM profiles are used in a growing number of market sectors:
Supports for photovoltaic panels, reinforcements for PVC doors, industrial shelving, Light Prefabricated cells, industrial doors, garage doors, cabinets, metal fences, supports for air conditioners, window closures, industrial grating edges etc....

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Įmonės pavadinimas Profilsystem S.r.l.
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Apyvarta (x 1000) EUR per metus 8000000
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