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We see the bigger picture We don’t just produce springs. We live for them – because we know just how important they are to our customers. Find out what it means to see springs as part of the bigger picture – welcome to the world of Grueber.

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Our products Helical compression springs with wires and bars are high-torsion, cylindrical springs that are also available with freely formed central spring sections. Tension springs are torsion bar springs with no distance between the coils and differently shaped eyelets or threaded elements. Torsion springs (clock springs) are wound flexible springs with differently shaped wire ends for different application of force distribution characteristics. Flexible parts Freely shaped or machine-shaped parts available in a variety of different shapes. Volute springs (volute springs made of flat material) are suitable for the suspension of high static loads over a small area. Surfaces/anti-corrosives Depending on your requirements, the diameter of the wire and product dimensions, we can provide the following Grueber surface systems:

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