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The business was launched in 1993, initially as family based company for services and trade. During the process of continuous expansion, the business was separated into two directions:

production of steel product and its constructions,
service and sales for tolls and agricultural machinery.

In year 2002 separate branch ERCON has been launched focusing in production of metal constructions. We mainly work with black steel, starting form wide variety of metal constructions painted or galvanized till semi finished goods and ready details.

Gamybos ir paslaugų programa

Manufactured production:

Structural steelwork for load bearing applications;
Machine parts;
Various small dimension galvanized and painted parts.

Overall monthly output is to be measured approximately in 150 tonnes and 7000 h working hours.

There is modern technology equipment for all kind of sheet metal processing, tube bending and structural steelwork. Moreover, our production facilities of 4500 m2 are fully equipped with tilt cranes. The company provides full production cycle starting form designee works, production up to galvanizing and wet painting.

Verslo interesai

ERCON seeks to be internationally recognized business partner, that is well known in the industry for its excellent production, outstanding quality, professional and knowledgeable staff as well as for its world class technical resources that company possesses.

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