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Apie Įmonę

The main activity of the company is production of metal constructions, cnc milling and turning, as well as construction of buildings from the metal constructions, production of machinery parts.
The company employs the skilled workers: welders, metalworkers, smiths and turners. The technological plant is constantly renewed by modern European equipment; it helps the company to satisfy the demands of the clients qualitatively, quickly and precisely.

Gamybos ir paslaugų programa

The main spheres of activity of the private joint-stock company "DAIRJO" are as follows:

1. Production and mounting of building metal constructions;
2. CNC milling and turning;
3. Production and mounting of tecnological equipment;
4. Production of car transporter;
5. Smith works;
6. Isolation of pipe lines, steel tanks;
7. Logistics services;

The company has the production space, equal to 2500 square meters, provided with the lifting and internal transportation machinery. The production capacity of the company is 60-100 tons of building metal constructions per month.
The Product Quality by ISO 3834-3:2005 with is implemented in the company.

Verslo interesai

Looking for export oportunity:

1. Buildings from metal construction;
2. CNC milling, turning offers;
3. Metal parts production for ship, oil, sugar factories industries.

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Informacija apie Įmonę
Įmonės pavadinimas DAIRJO
Teisinė forma UAB
Įmonės tipas Gamintojas
Apyvarta (x 1000) EUR per metus 800
Valstybė Lithuania
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