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Over the past decades right up to the present day, Assmus Metallveredelung has garnered a reputation as a competent partner of trade and industry in the surface-finishing sector. As an electroplating shop with fast, practical solutions and professional, qualified employees, Assmus is seen as a welcome partner by big industry during ongoing phases of development of new components and system solutions and in the development of innovative surface treatment processes. With its pool of over 200 employees, Assmus Metallveredelung has, during the past years, developed into an extremely high-performance electroplating shop, taking up position amongst Germany's top five. In line with the company motto "the only constant is change", one of the pillars of Assmus Metallveredelung's success is that we continuously optimise our existing plant capacities and build new systems that incorporate our own technological developments. Over the coming days, a new zinc-nickel barrel plating line will be brought into operation that will enable Assmus to meet customer requirements for lead times that are sometimes less than five days.

Gamybos ir paslaugų programa

Overview of techniques Zinc plating Effective and economical corrosion protection – naturally also CrVI-free with, for instance, tried-and-tested thick-film passivation Zinc-iron plating Functional and decorative, also available with transparent and black CrVI-free passivation i Zinc-nickel plating Maximum protection – also in engine compartments and areas exposed to road salt – and available with the familiar chromate conversion coatings and CrVI-free passivation Duplex treatments The ideal combination of electroplating and special paint or powder coating – durable also in areas subjected to impact by stone chippings Flake coatings Bewährte und innovative Zink-Aluminium-Flake-Beschichtungen z.B. für hochfeste Teile als Gestell- und Trommelware Aluminium finishing From high gloss to silk matt – anodised aluminium available in many colours as well as hard anodised aluminium offering perfect wear protection

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At Assmus Metallveredelung, customer satisfaction goes without saying and is something we do our utmost to ensure every day. In addition to providing classic surface coatings, we therefore also take on the logistics and even the packaging with great professionalism on behalf of the customer throughout the entire order transaction. Our own vehicle fleet allows us to deliver quickly and on schedule – "on the dot", so to say.

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