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  • Vancoillie, NV
  • Rozendaalstraat 35
  • Leper, Belgium

About Company

In 1945 the company Vancoillie is established; it specialised in repairing agricultural machines. However, the activities soon shift to metal construction and sheet-metal working. In 1999 Michel Verbrugge takes over the company. The ‘new Vancoillie’ starts its second childhood. On the work floor new methods of working and inspection systems are implemented. The employees’ professional skill is supplemented with a long-term business vision. Optimisation of production is constantly invested in. The results soon make themselves known: rising turnovers, more employees and new clients. In 2003 a brand new factory of 4,700 m2 is taken into use. Vancoillie remains faithful to the basis of its success: gaining and keeping the clients’ confidence. To strengthen this, constant investments are made in modernising the machinery, training the employees and optimising the organisation structure.

Production and sales programme

We produce excellent quality series: small and large pieces, in small and medium volumes. But you can also come to us for high-quality piecework.

Business Interest

Our production connects seamlessly with yours. We make sure it does, day after day. Our aces are your benefits: flexibility, fast delivery terms and competitive prices.

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We have our own design department that draws the designs ready for production on the basis of the drawings you deliver (digital or sketch).

Laser cutting

- up to 20 mm thick in steel - up to 15 mm thick in stainless steel with a maximum sheet size of 3000 x 1500 mm


Up to a maximum of 3000 mm wide. The thickness depends on the length and on the folded shape. Please feel free to contact us with any concrete questions!


Depending on the type of part, drilling or tapping occurs either on CNC-operated tapping centres or manually.


Fully automatic punching is possible on full sheet sizes up to 2500 x 1250 mm in a maximum sheet thickness of 3 mm. Depending on the sizes of the holes you want, we can also deal with larger thicknesses and sizes of sheets in semi-automatic production. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!


Metaalconstructie Vancoillie has during the years developed into a specialist in the most diverse types of assembly: large and small parts, in large and small runs, and from simple to complex assemblies. The end products end up in all kinds of sectors: from machine building via lighting to shop fitting.

Company Information
Company name Vancoillie
Legal form NV
Company type Manufacturer
Country Belgium
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