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  • Van Eeckhoudt, bvba
  • Nieuwenrodestraat 53
  • Wolvertem, Belgium

About Company

Van Eeckhoudt was founded in 1955 and has been under the directorship of the second generation since 1988. Over the years we have expanded our activities considerably. These days we are no longer solely involved in machine construction and the manufacturing of machine parts but have a host of products on offer, both for industry and your home alike. Our team of 25 skilled workers, engineers/designers, metal workers and fitters guarantee that our excellent reputation goes from strength to strength.

Production and sales programme

Our selection of machinery is second to none: lathes, milling machines, vertical machining centres, drill tap centres, pillar drills, hydraulic scissors, bend table, welders, you name it. Moreover, a large part of these are computer steered. But in the end, it is our experienced workforce who really make the difference. Their attention to detail in the manufacturing of machine parts and the care they give to a flawless assembly and installation are the signature-marks of Van Eeckhoudt.

Business Interest

One of industry’s leading enterprises in the areas of machine construction and metal works. Our highly trained and very experienced skilled staff, combined with an extensive selection of machinery ensure that we more than likely have a professional answer to your query. Please do not hesitate to make your wishes known to us, we are more than ready.

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cnc lathe- and milling works

Both for piecework and for small to medium-sized series we use high-precision machining techniques: drilling, milling, turning, mortising. Thanks to the CNC machinery we can maintain a tolerance margin of 0.01 mm, a guaran- tee for highly-accurate parts.

cnc punching and folding

With CNC-steered machines we can punch holes in up to 6 mm thick plates and accurately cut and fold metal sheets.

Laser cutting

The CNC-steered laser cutting machine enables us to cut up to 15 mm thick metal sheets measuring up to 4 metres x 2 metres.

robot-welded constructions

We can do Mig, Tig, autogenous and electric welding. Large series are welded fully auto- matically. The 6-axle welding robot (both Mig and Tig) have a range of as much as 3800mm x 1800mm.

glass pearl blasting of stainless steel

To give our stainless steel products the perfect finish we usually opt for glass pearl blasting.