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About Company

CJSC has been established in 2005. In the same year the Company purchase of high water jet cutting machine OMAX 80160. Taking to consideration of the orders increase our company is planning in the nearest future to purchase a similar but a little bit smaller machine, which helps to execute orders much quicker and furthermore it helps to reduce costs of production.

Production and sales programme

Advantage of water jet technology:

* Measurements of the cutting table 4445 mm x 2235 mm
* Cut margin of error ± 0.1 mm
* Minimum cut thickness 0,762 mm
* Maximum cut thickness 200 mm
* There is no area affected by heat during cutting process
* Absence of self tempering process at the cutting area
* Absence of the plastic deformation at the cutting area
* Narrowness and preciseness of the cut allows using maximum of a raw material
* Cutting process proceeds with a constant speed
* The constant angle is kept during cutting process
* The structure of cut material remains without changers
* Computerized cutting machine process control precisely fulfills even heavy-duty geometrical cut
* There are no dust and smoke during cutting process
* The technology is absolutely ecological because it uses only water

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Company Information
Company name VPS
Legal form UAB
Company type Service
Country Lithuania
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