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About Company

"FORTAS Technomate" is a blend of services provided by metalwork workshops. They manufacture parts (billets) according to the specifications provided by the customer while applying the most recent technologies. "FORTAS Technomate" is meant for customers from all different branches of industry.

"FORTAS Technomate" is recognized for its timely provision of services, reliability, consistent generation of new services and products, integrity of services, introduction of new technologies and active client search.

Trademark "FORTAS Technomate" is trusted by such companies as "Shindler", "Bombardier", "Danagraf", "Sund Birsta", "Danieli", and"Mowi".

Production and sales programme

Since 1999, we have started investing into future technologies. The machinery manufacturer AMADA was chosen. Production base was supplemented with such unique machines as: laser cutting equipment "Amada FO 3015 NT 4KW", "Amada Lasmac LC-2415a III", coordinated punching presses "Amada Vipros 255" and "Amada EM 2510", bending presses "Amada HFP 220-3", "Amada HFT 50-20", "Amada HFB 100" - 8 programmable spindles, sheet-steel cutting machines "Amada GS630", digital welding equipment "Fronius", CNC turning and milling device "OKUMA LB 200-MW".

One more new 6 meter long (powder) painting bar has been assembled.

In 2004 a unique technology and equipment for metal decoration was purchased.

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Laser cutting

Using the laser cutting devices "Amada FO 3015 NT 4KW" and "Amada Lasmac LC-2415a III" that cut steel at precisely up to 20 mm, aluminium up to 8 mm. Maximum size of a sheet 5.04 m x 1.55 m. with an accuracy of ± 0.01 mm.


Using the bending presses "Amada HFP 220-3", "Amada HFT 50-20", "Amada HFB 100" that 8 programmable spindles and special software we can fold the most complex items. Maximum length of an item is 3.34 m. with an accuracy of ± 0.2 mm/m.


Using the programme-coordinated punching presses "Amada Vipros 255" and "Amada EM 2510" we precisely punch and model indentations (up to 20 mm) of different configurations, ears, bends on tin with thickness ranging from 0.5 mm to 6 mm. Maximum size of a sheet 1.25 m x 2.5 m. Accuracy ± 0.01 mm.


We weld using digital welding equipment from "Fronius".
Welding methods: TIG and contact (the most recent Japanese device "Koyo giken" is used which does not damage the underside of tin).

CNC turning-milling

We use the most recent Japanese device "OKUMA LB 200-MW". Turning and milling with an accuracy of ± 0.001 mm.

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Company name Siauliu tauro detales
Legal form JSC
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Country Lithuania
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