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  • Kirtimu str. 59
  • Vilnius, Lithuania

About Company

ROBIGA, JSC successfully working in Lithuania since 1997. The company designs and produces technological, sanitary-hygienic and common purpose equipment made of stainless steel for food industry – restaurants, hotels, super markets, professional equipment for kitchens. We also produce non-standart products from stainless steel and from black steel according to customers demand.
The applying of modern technology, the introducing of Quality management and control system, the modernizing of design and construction allow us to attain the optimum ratio of a price and quality and to satisfy customer's needs.

Production and sales programme

In our factory we are able to do following:
• Sheet laser cutting, sheet guillotine cutting;
• Bending, tube bending;
• Tube polishing;
• Profile and steel slicing;
• Welding – plasma and dot;
• Turning;
• Milling;
• Tube rolling.

Equipment TOP

- Laser cutting machine „AMADA LC-2415 ALFA III PULSAR“ can cut in precision of ± 0,005mm thick steel sheet to 12mm,
thick stainless steel sheet to 10mm, thick aluminum sheet to 4mm. Sheet dimensions till 5040x1550mm.
- Sheet guillotine cutting machine „AMADA Gs1230“ can cut in precision of ± 0,1mm thick metal sheets to 6mm
and 3050mm of length.
- Hydraulic bending machine „AMADA HFP NT130-3“ with 8 programmable axles can bend in precision of ± 0,2mm
profiles to 3340mm of length.
- Hydraulic bending machine „BYSTRONIC BEYELER PR200“ precisely bends profiles to 4100mm of length.

Company Information
Company name ROBIGA
Legal form JSC
Company type Manufacturer
Employees: Total 50
Country Lithuania
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