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  • Pandmeta, UAB
  • Puodialaukės g.22,
  • Pandėlys, Lithuania

About Company

Joint Stock Company “Pandmeta“ was founded in Pandelys Town, Rokiskis District in 2005. Since then it has successfully operated in Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian and Belarusian markets.

The main activity of the company is the production of non-standard equipment and technological transportation system.
The company also designs and produces products under individual orders.

Our employees are highly skilled, and they have gained much experience while working in well-known metal processing companies.

Production and sales programme

The company “Pandmeta” designs and produces under customer’s orders:
• technological transportation systems and their parts: belt- and chain conveyors, scraper transporters, carts, turning platforms, scissor lifts of various models, rollers of various size.
• non-standard technological equipment and various metal constructions: containers, tanks for liquid and friable products, shelvings, gates, fences and their elements, balcony and staircase handrails, agricultural and other machines and mechanisms.

Other services:
• we supply unified units and details of the technological transportation systems.
• we also provide our products with post-warranty service and modernization.

Business Interest

The aim of JSC “Pandmeta” is to produce products of high quality and supply them to the customers at favourable prices.

Company Information
Company name Pandmeta
Legal form UAB
Company type Manufacturer
Country Lithuania
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