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  • Metkonas, UAB
  • kepyklos 15
  • Alytus, Lithuania

About Company

The main activity of the company is production of metal constructions and metal articles, as well as construction of buildings from the metal constructions, production and installation of the advertisement stands, design and production of untypical metal constructions.

The company employs the skilled workers: welders, metalworkers, smiths and turners. The technological plant is constantly renewed by modern European equipment; it helps the company to satisfy the demands of the clients qualitatively, quickly and precisely. The metal constructions are welded by semiautomatic apparatus manufactured by the firms “ESAB” (Sweden) and “FRONIUS” (Austria). The quality of the welding seams is under the strict control.

Production and sales programme

Production of metal construction and their parts
· Production and montage of buildings from metal constructions
· Building metal constructions:

Columns, girders, beams, trusses, communication girders from steel, reinforcement framework, masonry strengthening and reinforcement mesh, girders from the tubular profiles, lintels.

Production of nonstandard metal articles on the clients’ request

Small items for construction of dwelling houses, sheet blanks, hearths’ capsules, metal grates, protection grating, inserts, brackets, retainers, anchor screws, pins.

Design and construction of the untypical articles

Stairs, handrails, stair beams, metal doors, gates, ladders, shields, manholes, shelving, boxes for mortar and plasterers, kickstands for bicycles, wagons for builders, other nonstandard metal articles.

Smiths’ works:
Hearths’ decoration items, shashlik-stoves, candlesticks, decorative fences, flagstaff, binding for the wooden gates, railing, gates.

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Company Information
Company name Metkonas
Legal form UAB
Company type Manufacturer
Country Lithuania
Qualification of the company
Quality Management System ISO 9001
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