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  • Liejyklos g. 1a
  • Šiauliai, Lithuania

About Company

There is the major production line for JSC “Mechanika” - designing and production of lifting equipments. The personnel of our company has been accumulated the big long term experience not only for designing and producing, but also for executing works for lifting mechanisms repair and reconstruction. Just after producing finished the cranes are mounting and commissioning at customer site. His own products the company exporting to Norway, Russia, China, EU countries. The successful works of company ensure implemented Environment protection management and Quality management systems, which are regulating by ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2000 standards.

Production and sales programme

Service of specialists,
Mounting, repair and renovation,
Production service.

Business Interest

The Company goals are – to ensure the quality and reliability of own products, starting from needed lifting equipments production and realization up to products installation and further after sale service with shortest terms and us much as possible lower financial expenditures.

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Company Information
Company name MECHANIKA
Legal form UAB
Company type Manufacturer
Employees: Total 50
Country Lithuania
Qualification of the company
Quality Management System LST EN ISO 9001:2001
Environmental Management System LST EN ISO 14001:2005
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