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While enjoying presently wide use throughout all european countries, our wire products feature quality which is in line with all applicable standards and to the satisfaction of our customers. Our quality management system has been successfully passed certification to the iso 9001:2000 standards.

To run seamless manufacturing process and enable prompt response to requests from prospective customers our company stores standard stock of wire raw material and finished goods totalling to no less than 1,000 tonnes at any given time. For the wire raw material processing, we use 29 machines and benches of various models which enable operations such as wire drawing, smoothing, winding into small- or large-sized coils, cutting to produce rods and making rods with eyes. Due to well arranged logistics operations we are able to execute each and every order made by an ec-based customer within 72 hours, not leaving small orders out of account at the same time. Please note that a minimum amount of order should start with 1,0 tonne and upwards.

High productivity and adequate quality of our services are both attributable to the staff we are employing. They can process your order at any time you desire and able to freely communicate in german, english, russian or lithuanian as case may be.

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