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  • Šilutės pl. 83F
  • Klaipėda, Lithuania

About Company

JSC LANSMETA is successfully working in Lithuanian and European markets since 1998. We design and manufacture special equipment, multi-purpose standard and custom products for the shipyards, food, building and other industries, from aluminum, stainless and black steel.

Production and sales programme

Black and stainless steel products – equipment for the shipyards, biulding trade and food industry, designing and production.

Metal profiles and other ware cuting and bending works.

Milling and turning operations

Structurial construction production and installation

Cutting with high-pressure water jet

Designing works

Business Interest

Mission – to maintain the existing position in the region, to expand the market geographically by increasing company’s competitiveness, planting new technologies and professional development.

Company representing Pictures TOP

Equipment TOP

CNC high pressure water jet cutting machine. Table size 3000 x 2000 mm. Cutting head remains 180mm from the table surface (without modification)

Sheet steel cutting machine "SMNC 63200" precisely cuttingsheets up to 4 mm thick and 3.05 m in length. Accuracy of ± 0.1 mm.

Combined shear, allows to cut angles, bars, rods, cut corners, make a different shape holes.

Bending press "PBNC 3100, with four programmable axes allows an accurate bending of profiled parts up to 3.1 m in length. Accuracy of ±0.2 mm.

Gravitational band saw allows to cut a variety of metal profiles and solid metal blocks with the precise angle.

Round bending machine, allows to bend a variety of rolled tubes, profiles and beams to the desired diameter.

Company Information
Company name LANSMETA
Legal form UAB
Company type Manufacturer
Employees: Total 12
Country Lithuania
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