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  • Koroza, UAB
  • Elektrinės g.
  • Vilnius, Lithuania

About Company

JSC "KOROZA" - a young, flexible, customer oriented company that provides professional metal corrosion protection solutions. The company gathered a qualified team to help you answer the questions, to find the optimum, advanced and innovative solutions. We seek mutual beneficial cooperation.

Production and sales programme

JSC "KOROZA" offers professional metal corrosion protection solutions.We offer thermodiffusion coating method by changing the chemical composition of the metal surface, then adding the appropriate chemical elements that interact with the basic metal or alloy provides resistance to aggressive environments.The term "surface alloying" is the most appropriate name for such type of protection, whereas the surface layers actually becomes a component part and can not be separated from the base as well as it can be done with the paint film or a layer of electrically mounted.

Technical features: camera-dip dimensions: 2 meters long and 0.5 meter diameter cylinder. Hot dip galvanizing for fittings dimensions must not exceed those limits. Zinc-plated fittings optimal width (diameter) - up to 0.4 meters. For detailed coverage of a larger size should be consulted separately.

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Company Information
Company name Koroza
Legal form UAB
Company type Service
Country Lithuania
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