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  • Karl Hugo , AG
  • Engelsdorferstrasse 2
  • Amel, Belgium

About Company

For more than 30 years, KARL HUGO A.G. have been amongst the leaders in the field of mechanical engineering and the production of custom-made mechanical construction kits, metal constructions, production plant and machinery, including complete production lines. From design right through to the production of custom machines and production units, KARL HUGO A.G. always take an innovative approach to the various machining processes applied to construction modules. They provide high performance, versatile equipment for a very wide range of production sectors, from nuclear power to the food industry. Thanks to DOMINOES A.G., an engineering consultancy forming an integral part of the company, KARL HUGO A.G. provide an overall solution to any complex demands: they carry out feasibility studies, design, project management, manufacture, assembly, on site installation, commissioning, and maintenance training. With a worldwide presence, KARL HUGO A.G. meet the highest quality standards in order to satisfy the very strict safety requirements demanded by large multinational companies.

Production and sales programme

Thanks to the application of cutting edge technologies we are able to manage many levels of high precision – even outside the standard dimensions. Our experience and technical skills develop quickly, adapting to increasingly complex demands. Every challenge strengthens our sense of teamwork and innovation, ensuring constant quality in the project management process, from the first design sketches right through to commissioning. Putting all our experience into the process, we offer our technical know-how for the solutioning of issues that call for analytical end engineering capabilities, without necessarily proceeding to production itself.

Business Interest

Our philosophy is to handle with extreme confidentiality the implementation of the projects with which we are entrusted. To preserve and build on the trust we have accumulated, we always strive to build lasting partnerships with our customers and associates...

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Company Information
Company name Karl Hugo
Legal form AG
Company type Manufacturer
Country Belgium
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