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  • Enermega, AB
  • Naujoji g. 128
  • Alytus, Lithuania

About Company

Our company is the Lithuanian markets’ leader when it comes to production and realization of wood milling cutters with soldered hard metal or high-speed cutting plates.
We guarantee the reliable work of electric motors, repaired in our company, as well as quality of repair works. You will be satisfied by our prices.

Production and design of metal constructions and products. The company produces, assembles and repairs the woodworking machines, equipment and tools, equipment for boilers and heaters, waste collectors.

Exploitation of energy resources (electric energy, industrial and drinking water, sewerage), main equipment, supply and accounting of resources, montage and overhaul of energy equipment, electrical motors.

Overhaul of vehicles. Transport services.

The metal items, produced by JSC “Enermega” are polarized towards Lithuanian consumers, i.e. adherents of traditional woodworking equipment.

Production and sales programme

Production and repair of woodworking machines, tools, equipment.
Production and repair of equipment for boiler plants and other metal products.
Electric installation and plumbing works.

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Company Information
Company name Enermega
Legal form AB
Company type Manufacturer
Country Lithuania
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