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  • Elonika, UAB
  • Akademijos g. 7
  • Vilnius, Lithuania

About Company

Since 1994, the main "ELONIKOS 'production is water and electric towel dryers for the bathroom or kitchen, and the supply of metal products and plastic electroplating services.
The output for import to Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Finland.
The main customers are the company wholesale of the organization, building and plumbing services company, the people.

Production and sales programme

In galvanization workshop through the Institute of Chemistry of Lithuanian and foreign scientists developed advanced technology in accordance with ISO 2081, ISO 1461, EN 12540 LSR standards include the following electrocopper coating processes: plating, chrome plating, coating with a colorless or yellow Passivation without Cr (VI) compounds, tin dipping. Zinc coating corrosion resistance in accordance with ISO 10289, ISO 9227 requirements. Plastic products of high quality cast in shock-resistant polystyrene or ABS plastics chemical metal plating, and then galvanically covered with the same coverage.

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Company Information
Company name Elonika
Legal form UAB
Company type Manufacturer
Employees: Total 58
Country Lithuania
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