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  • Armetlina, UAB
  • Liejyklos g. 2
  • Šiauliai, Lithuania

About Company

A joint stock company “ArmetLINA” is an electrical engineering plant which is engaged in:
design and production of electrical devices of medium and low voltage
production of metal structures for energetic construction
production of substandard items in accordance with the project of individual customers.

The items produced by us include prefatory shields of electric accounting and distribution; 0,4 kV distributive stations; reaction power compensation systems in the circuit of 0,4 kV; modular insulating units with one or two power transformers up to 1000 kVA; modular carcass distributive stations (10 kV distributive stations) with 10 kV cells installed inside; 0,4 kV units of distribution, link security and telecommunications, and machinery securing microclimate inside premises, etc.

The company was established on January 5th 1994 by the name of “ARMETA”. On November 20 1996 it was reorganized into a joint stock company “ArmetLINA” established in 2 Liejyklos Str., Šiauliai LT- 5419; phone/fax.: 8-41-552607; e-mail:
There are 70 employees employed.
We sell our production in Lithuania and abroad. Our main customers are distributive networks, electric installation organizations and organizations exploiting electric systems.

A joint stock company “ArmetLINA” is a genuine member of the National Association of Electric Energy.

A company is given a certificate of ISO standard 9001 : 2000 / LST EN ISO 90001 : 2001, No. 117845.

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Company Information
Company name Armetlina
Legal form UAB
Company type Manufacturer
Country Lithuania
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