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About Company

JSC “Algbarsa” (initial name “Manufactory of metal products) was built and started its activity at the beginning of 1988; it belonged to the Ministry of Municipal Economy and produced equipment of minor mechanization as well as other products for the purposes of ministry enterprises.
Since June of 2002 the company became JSC “Algbarsa” (registration certificate No 057069). Since 2000 the company has International quality certificate ISO 9001:200 LST EN ISO 9001:2001 “Production of metal constructions for 038-400 kV electricity lines and substations”, certificate of production control No Nr.SPSC-7731 and technical license “Steel based building constructions” No TL-01-022:2005.

Production area of JSC „Algbarsa“comprises 7000sq. km. Total area of the territory is 3,8 ha production premises have mounted 10t overhead cranes and various metal processing machines: shaping-machine, polisher, folder, turning lathe, pressure machines, welding semi-automates etc. Outdoor storehouses contain mounted overhead cranes.

During 2005 the company produced and launched the line of metal cleaning equipment as well as computerized plasma-based metal sheets cutting device.

During the year the company consumes over 2000 tones of various metals and produces various metal constructions.

Currently the major part of the production of the company is constructions of electricity air lines, transformer substations, metal constructions of electric distributions devices and 35-380 kV high voltage metal supports, various electric cabinets. Another part of the production is comprised of building constructions: metal trusses, columns, junctions, road fences, illumination poles, railing, module spatial bridges over railway crossings, built in sections metal modules and radio communication towers. The present products are certified in “Certification centre of building construction products”.

Production and sales programme

Metal constructions of 0, 38 – 400 kV electricity lines and substations

In accordance with the requirements of ISO 9002:1994 / LST EN ISO 9002:1995 “Production of metal and building constructions for 0, 38 – 400kV electricity lines and substations” standard the company produces:

-metal constructions of ferro - concrete supports of 0,38 – 10kV electricity lines;
-metal constructions of 35 - 400 kV transformer substations and open electric distribution device;
-metal constructions of 10 / 0,4kV transformers;
-metal constructions of 0,38 – 400kV electricity lines;
-constructions of metal supports of 35 – 400kV;
-constructions of communication towers.

Building constructions

Following the requirements of ISO 9002:1994 / LST EN ISO 9002; 1995 “Production of metal and building constructions for 0, 38 – 400kV electricity lines and substations” standard and production control certificate No SPSC-7731 the company produces steel building constructions from elements made from welded, cold formed, cold formed welded and hot rolled profiles, bu connecting with welded and threaded junctures.

Business Interest

The main clients of the company are as follows: public company „Elektros tinklų statyba“, Šiauliai energetics construction, Eastern and Western distribution networks, JSC „Merko statyba“, Public company AB „YIT KAUSTA“, Public company AB „Panevėžio statybos trestas“, JSC „Vikstata“, JSC „Fortesta“, JSC „Santechnika“, JSC „ PPSPIPIRINE SYSTEMS“, Dutch company N.C.N. Hydraulic systems B.V. and Estonian company ABB, „Latenergostroj“.

Equipment TOP

Hot galvanizing

Following the long lasting cooperation with Latvian company „Baltic Zinc Techniks“, the company JSC “Algbarsa” carries out services of hot galvanizing.
Works are carried out properly following the requirements of the client.

Plasma-based metal cutting

The company carries out plasma-based cutting of metal sheets by using modern technological equipment. „EasyCut 6001.20P“programmable device is used with automatic control of burner height.

Cutting parameters:
-Work zone 6000mm x 1500mm,
-Thickness of sheet being cut from 1mm to 50mm,
-Accuracy of cutting DIN 2310,
-Function of marking by plasma arch.

Metal cleaning

The company carries out cleaning of metal surfaces (metal constructions, profiles, sheets, welded constructions etc) from rust by using steel abrasives. Places damaged by corrosion are being treated by using full abrasives of all forms as well as compressed air according to LST EN 12944-4:2000 up to Sa 2,5 cleaning class.

Works are carried out by qualified and trained employees according to quality management system LST EN ISO-9001:2001.

Black smith devices

The company carries out production of various blacksmith devices: stairs handhold, elements of decorative fences, elements of decoration, candle holders and fire places.

Company Information
Company name Algbarsa
Legal form UAB
Company type Manufacturer
Country Lithuania
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