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About Company

Steel duo Algemeen Metaal Constructiebedrijf (AMC) and its subsidiary Industrie Anlagen Bau (IAB) will transform your technically challenging projects into innovative high-end steel solutions. Our highly qualified personnel will always rise to the challenge – whatever the demand may be. Artisanal spearhead technology Our assets? Flexibility, a wide range of specialisation and our artisanal way of working. But above all, our employees. They convert creative, client oriented solutions into technically and operationally perfect installations. Yourself as the blueprint Transport installations, boiler construction, sheet metal products, steel structures, equipment and technical maintenance…AMC and IAB’s expertise has a wide range. Still there is a common denominator in all our projects and activities as we provide flexible solutions with your demand as the basis.

Production and sales programme

All areas of expertise under one roof AMC and IAB house all the necessary areas of expertise for optimum performance: from research, design and calculation to production (in house sand blasting and paint shop) to assembly. With the dedicated engineers that carefully monitor your projects to match. Growth and fusion The Algemeen Metaal Constructiebedrijf (AMC) was founded in 1955 and became a plc in 1973. At that time our subsidiary Industrie Anlagen Bau (IAB) was still an East German foundry and manufacturer of mountain construction machinery. After its privatisation in 1994 we took over the formerly public company. On 1 June 2007 the industrial group Hombergh Holdings integrated our two flourishing metal construction companies. There are 110 professionals currently working for AMC and IAB.

Business Interest

A complete European reach Our companies are located strategically in order to swiftly provide services all across Europe. AMC N.V. is situated in Lokeren-Eksaarde, Belgium, between Gent and Antwerp and IAB in the German Senftenberg, between Berlin and Dresden. If you wish to enlist our professional services, you can contact us.

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