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  • ALMET, a.s.
  • Ležáky 668
  • Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

About Company

The ALMET Joint-Stock Company has a tradition stretching back over 70 years with piston casting and machining from various aluminium alloys, used in internal combustion engines and compressors. The company, with its 110 employees, is an important piston supplier for both domestic and foreign markets, with an annual turnover of 140 million CZK. Quality Management System is certified according to ISO 9001 : 2000. Today, the ALMET Joint-Stock Company is a modern dynamic company responding flexibly to changing market demands. It produces a wide range of pistons of the highest quality for internal combustion engines and compressors. Pistons are manufactured in both small and large scale batch productions. The piston deliveries focus on large scale production and the spare parts markets both domestically and abroad. The deliveries to large scale production account for 60% of the total output and are increasing continuously. Direct export amounts to 50% of the total output. TATRA Kopřivnice is a long-standing customer for pistons for heavy truck engines in the Czech Republic. Among other significant ALMET piston customers are engine manufacturers from both Eastern and Western Europe - Belorussia, Russia, Germany, Great Britain. The ALMET Joint-Stock Company considers ongoing refinement of production quality one of its highest priorities. It makes significant investments in modern technology of piston production and supervision.

Production and sales programme

Aluminium alloys are melted in gas and holding electric resistance furnaces. The aluminium alloy is modified and de-gased through FDU device in foundry. Piston casting is carried out through the gravity based casting into metal permanent moulds in a fully robotic casting machine and in a few mechanized casting machines. In the case of small-scale orders, piston casting takes place in the manually operated casting machines, as well. The requisite mechanical properties of piston castings are further attained either by a one-stage or two-stage heat treatment. Our piston machine shop is equipped with automatic and semi-automatic CNC machining lines. Their application guarantees the attainment of the required shapes and dimensions of the surface curve, piston pin hole and other main piston dimensions during the piston machining. The following types of piston surface finish are made by the company itself or in cooperation with external providers: * hard elox * phosphate coating * tin coating * surface sliding layer (on molybdenum basis)

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Company name ALMET
Legal form a.s.
Company type Manufacturer
Country Czech Republic
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