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  • AC Engineering, UAB
  • Rumpiškės 24b-4
  • Klaipeda, Lithuania

About Company

AC Engineering LTD was established in 2009 September. The company’s target is its client and fulfilling his requirements, therefore we are offering wide range of services:, , s and montage works services

1. Project planning and managing;
2. Ship repairs and shipbuilding;
3. Industrial rope access;
4. Industrial montage.

AC Engineering is providing services done by high qualification engineers and professional specialists, having experience in various countries worldwide in ship, industrial, engineering, commercial or civil objects. We guarantee that our engineers and specialist will bring delight in collaboration.

Production and sales programme

AC Engineering LTD provides project planning and managing, ship repairs and shipbuilding, industrial rope access and montage works services. We are unique by the facts that have a professional team equipped with skills and vast experience enabling us to perform to the highest standard even under particularly complicated conditions. Using up-to-date working technology and proven techniques we are able to perform ensuring the highest possible standards.

Project managing:
1. Pre-repair survey;
2. Industrial planning;
3. Engineering data preparation;
4. Cost estimation;
5. Work planning;
6. Project realization.

Ship repairs and shipbuilding:
1. Maintenance and general repairs;
2. All kinds of welding works
3. Steel works;
4. Pipe works;
5. Insulation works;
6. Electrical repairs;
7. Grit blasting and painting of hull, cargo holds, tanks;
8. Dry-docking and alongside repairs;
9. High-scalers services in places difficult to approach=

Industrial rope access and montage works:
1. Welding works at a height;
2. Structural Surveys;
3. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT);
4. Various Maintenance and Repair;
5. Localised Concrete Repair;
6. Sealant Installation and Reinstatement;
7. Secondary Fixings;
8. Replacement Cladding and Glazing;
9. Cleaning and Painting;
10. Jet spray, grit blasting and three-tool method;
11. Spray Painting;
12. Roller brush Painting;
13. Full surface Preparation;
14. Facilities Management Building Services;
15. General Window Cleaning;
16. Facilities Management Building Services;
17. Services Repair Fitting and Maintenance;
18. Facade Survey, Coating, inspection and maintenance;
19. Banner and Sign Erection;
20. Geotechnical/Civil Engineering;
21. Permanent Rock Anchorage;
22. Soil Nailing;
23. Pressure Pointing.

Industrial montage:
1. Various construction engineering and montage;
2. Welding works;
3. Pipe systems installation takedown;
4. Gears installation;
5. Surfaces preparation for paint and colouring;
6. Electrical and radio installation works.

Business Interest

The company is looking for new and large scale engineering projects that require highly qualified welders, fitters, rope access or any other professional workers. Our projects are managed by experienced engineers.