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  • Technikos g. 7A
  • Kaunas, Lithuania

Über die Firma

"Techranga" UAB was established in 2006 and provides equipment, parts and automation components for companies in different industries. The company is flexible and quickly responds to customer needs. "Techranga" UAB, in collaboration with other companies, can provide a wide range of services. The company motto is "from small part to production line".


We are flexible and quickly respond to customer needs. In order to ensure a wide range of services, quality and fast customer services we collaborate with a group of companies and offer technological solutions by supplying our clients with everything from a small part to a production line.

Info über das Unternehmen
Name des Unternehmens TECHRANGA
Rechtsform UAB
Typ des Unternehmens Hersteller
Staat Lithuania
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