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  • Raudondvario pl. 164
  • Kaunas, Lithuania

Über die Firma

"METGA, established in 1993., Is engaged in manufacturing rubber products. Basis - qualified, experienced and competent team, equipped with technology and equipment, which is the dynamic, innovative, accurate, reliable and responsible business.

Our company has its own toolbar, technical section and production preparation department, which can produce other mold rubber products. According to your requested we can produce unlimited quantities of the desired non-standard product.

Herstellungs- und Dienstleistungenprogramm

Our services and products:

shafts and wheels rubberising
metal rubberising
rubber profiles
rubber products manufacturing
shaft production

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Info über das Unternehmen
Name des Unternehmens METGA
Rechtsform UAB
Typ des Unternehmens Hersteller
Staat Lithuania
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