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  • Lietemas, Ltd
  • Jocioniu str.53
  • Vilnius, Lithuania

Über die Firma

The company, founded in 1962, having extensive experience and exellent reputation, has made installation and repair works in all Lithuanian thermal power plants. Works are carried out also in oil & chemical industry and on construction sites in Lithuania and abroad.

This is a professional, experienced and responsible company, always striving for its goal - to carry out the work duly and timely.

Herstellungs- und Dienstleistungenprogramm

LIETEMAS Ltd. performs the following tasks:

* Manufacturing, installation and maintenance of equipment for Power Plant, Oil and Chemical industry
* Production of Flanges
* Manufacturing and installation of various steel products
* Metal surface coating against corrosion
* Non Destructive Testing

Info über das Unternehmen
Name des Unternehmens Lietemas
Rechtsform Ltd
Typ des Unternehmens Hersteller
Staat Lithuania
Qualifikation des Unternehmens
Quality Management System ISO9001:2008
Environmental Management System EN ISO 14001:2004
Health and safety Management System OHSAS 18001:2007
NDT Accreditation certificate EN ISO/IEC 17025:2006
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