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  • IMS Antera, UAB
  • R.Kalantos g. 49B
  • Kaunas, Lithuania

Über die Firma

IMS group of companies in the fifteen countries of the Western and Eastern Europe including France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and others. The best known Lithuanian consumers IMS group of companies: Stappert Spezial-Stahl Handel (Germany), Hoselmann Stahl (Germany), IMS Stalserwis (Poland), Lega-Inox (Czech Republic), Noxon (The Netherlands).
Ltd., IMS Antera "stainless steel warehouses are among the largest not only in Lithuania but also in the Baltic countries. They are located in Kaunas, Vilnius and Klaipeda.
JSC "Antera IMS has a subsidiary in Latvia - SIA AnteraLAT IMS, which is located in Riga. Stainless steel is exported to Kaliningrad, Russia, Latvia and Belarus.
JSC "Antera IMS has the ability to coat stainless steel and aluminum sheets of protective film, cutting pipes and rods, and provides other services related to the processing of steel.
Loyal customers in Lithuania stainless steel, engineering steel and ferrous metals present their own transportation.

Herstellungs- und Dienstleistungenprogramm

stainless steel
Sheets and rolls
Rods, angles, rods
Couplings, valves
Decorative stainless steel
Stainless steel standards profiles

Non-ferrous metals

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Info über das Unternehmen
Name des Unternehmens IMS Antera
Rechtsform UAB
Typ des Unternehmens Händler
Staat Lithuania
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